Happy Hour no°342 – 8th Nov 2016 -US election special

Hello everyone, Ollia with you for another edition of HH on radio enghien IDFM98, where I’ve chosen, like so many other media across the planet to cover the American elections, because today is the big day! I’ve lined up my Australian friend and HH correspondent Scott, who now lives in Florida, and has been keeping a close eye on the election campaign & all the hoo-ha…plus I’ve made an all American selection of music, many of the songs you’ll recognise as having ties to the election or its candidates.
For example : Everclear, from Portland Oregon, with their rendition of that famous Woody Guthrie folk tune “This Land is our Land” – a bit corny, but apparently the Democrats in Bernie Sanders campaign used it on stage at one of their rallies earlier this year…

FR – Bonsoir à tous, bienvenue dans l’émission HH sur radio enghien, IDFM98, Ollia avec vous jusqu’à 20h, avec pour thème, les élections aux Etats Unis qui se déroule en ce moment même. Je parlerai dans quelques minutes avec mon correspondent Scott en Floride, en anglais, et passerai de la musique américaine, bien sur !!


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