Happy Hour no°323 – 17th May 2016 – Paris Cocktails

The book “Paris Cocktails” by Doni Belau (Cider Mill Press, 2015) is a homage to days gone by, where classiness, good quality & taking one’s time outweighs the mass-produced tastes and habits of today’s drinking culture. It reminds us that France has an incredible range of alcohol, stretching far beyond the stereotype linked to wine, with a healthy craft industry when it comes distilleries.
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This is not just a hyped-up recipe book – there are stories behind each entry with special mentions of the bar men and women who continue to mix with flair and pride. The ingredients are explained within the context of Paris life and history – richly sprinkled with the presence of so many artists, intellectuals and performers – quotes included!

To top it off there’s a cocktail etiquette guide and over 100 addresses to go taste-testing.

This is a charming and fun accompaniment to Doni’s website “Girls Guide to Paris” which has hundreds of ideas for having a fabulous time in the City of Light!

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