Happy Hour no°322 – 10th May 2016 – Pollyanna, singer-songwriter

My guest tonight is Pollyanna, a talented French singer-songwriter, who composes her lyrics in English, so that’s why we’ve decided to do our interview in English tonight!! Also the fact that we’re promoting her upcoming concerts at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton England on 21 May and the release of her album “The Mainland” in Germany last week – YAY! Her latest project is called “Polly and the Fine Feathers” – new Orleans inspired folk album recorded with drummer Abdesslem Gherbi & double-bass player Francois Fuchs. Hear her live version of “We are Like Birds” during our interview!! As well as her song “Old Rockers”.
Details & video clips : http://www.pollyanna.org
LISTEN TO an extract of our INTERVIEW : https://soundcloud.com/happy-hour-with-ollia
Bonsoir à tous! Bienvenue dans l’émission de Happy Hour!
J’accueille ce soir l’artiste Pollyanna – compositrice et guitariste française qui chante en anglais! Donc nous allons discuter en anglais pendant cet interview. Mais vous avez toutes les infos sur son site dans les deux langues www.pollyanna.org
DSC03470 (2)



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