Happy Hour no°310 – Tues 26 Jan 2016, Australia : Invasion Day/Survival Day

Bonjour! Hello! G’day (hi there in Aussie vernacular)…

Today, 26th January is Australia’s National holiday – except that it doesn’t represent ALL Australians…
Among the BBQs, footy matches, cocktails, beers, swimming and a good ol’ day off are the rally cries and banners reading “always was, always will be, aboriginal land”, “invasion day” “survival day”, and “change the date”…words that the world is going to be hearing more of from now on.
This is the NEW Australia, one that is waking up to itself, and some citizens are no longer satisfied with the country’s laid back attitude to racism and bigotry. People want change, they want to see indigenous culture, heritage and land rights taken seriously, not just as a symbolic centre-piece for international events & a pretty “reputation”.
For this week’s edition of Happy Hour, Ollia caught up with Jocelyn Uibo, a young woman who has just finished her teacher training. She is proud of her mixed Indigenous/ European heritage, and is able to bring up her own daughters with a sense of connection to their grandmother’s roots in the Northern Territory.
Photo credit : http://nacchocommunique.com/tag/invasion-day/
january-26_NACCHO website 2014


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