Happy Hour no°301 -17th Nov 2015 Music for Peace

Don’t really need to explain why tonight’s theme is “Music for Peace”. What can I say? Paris is on people’s minds…but this isn’t just about Paris is it? The world is in chaos and we need peace everywhere, now.
I made a small selection of three women’s speeches to share – inspiring words of wisdom, peace, standing up for our rights. Starting with Hannah Nelson, a student from Belfast speaking at the opening of the G8 summit in 2013, Malala Yousafzai, from Pakistan, winner of the Nobel Peace prize in Dec 2014, and a snippet of Angela Davis speaking at an Occupy Oakland rally in 2011 (I’m inspired – I just watched the very good documentary “Free Angela and all Political Prisoners”directed by Shola Lynch on DVD). I truly believe that peace begins with the protection of the environment, and protection of women and children. This in turn will lead to human rights and dignity for all.
Songs by great women : Nubiens, Mira Awad (A word), Desree, Maya Kamaty, Susheela Raman, Morley, Brooke Fraser.


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