Happy Hour no°292 – 8th Sept 2015 – The “Strange” Mix

Tonight’s theme is strange, making reference to the weird and wonderful things people do in this
wide world of ours, including :
Danish researchers doing an experiment on how people queue – they say the first come first served method is inefficient – it should be the other way around (or random)
What about in southern Russia – where a particular town has had to create a 40 strong special police unit to patrol weddings & make sure there’s no wild partying, dangerous driving and random celebratory gunfire!
And Norway military get new orders of organic underwear – 50,000 pieces made a year!
Or what about Harry Styles from One Direction correcting his fan’s banner on stage?
and the latest social media trend of changing one’s ID photo to a picture of Paddington bear in solidarity & comapssion towards the thousands of migrants trying to escape hardship & loss in their own countries – seeking new homes & a better life…
All that alongside some great tunes by Baby Charles, Lloyd Cole, Keziah Jones, the Minions, Gwen Stefani & Pharrell Williams (“Shine” from Paddington movie)

Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear

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