Happy Hour no°291 – Tues 1st September 2015 – “Best Foot forward mix” (back 2 school dite “La Rentrée”)”

Well well well, for this week’s edition, Happy Hour couldn’t help but get caught up in the charms of “back to school” or la rentree as they call it here in France. It’s a big deal because it affects not only students, but adults going back to work after the silly summer season. So that’s why I thought I’d put together some music and some instruction for your fried little brains…

First up – the ever-changing landscape of English language, heralding new words added this semester to the Oxford online dictionary – “manspreading”, “awesomesauce” and “NBD” (no big deal) (see BBC internet article 28 aug 2015) – yay for elastic linguistics!
Song to illustrate XOXOXO by the Black eyed Peas…and “UFO” by Didjaman (alien voices)
Next lesson – 10 things you didn’t know last week. Strange things like why do CEOs have the widest faces, and why would Flea (bassiste from Red Hot Chili Peppers) need to keep 300,000 bees?? Song to illustrate “Californication” – explanation – weird science and hey, drugs!
Lesson no° 3 : New school : the Mars experiment…3 women & 3 men locked in a white dome near an old volcano in Hawaii to see if they can survive the conditions equivalent to those on planet Mars for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Dried food, no privacy and no air – yikes! Song : David Bowie’s “life on mars?” of course!
Finally – lesson no°4 – the power of bones: scientists have found the oldest fossil of a sea scorpion known to man, discovered in Iowa, US of all places. To illustrate; Sandra Nkaké’s excellent song “Skeletone”
WOW, what a way to start the new “school” year!! cheers!

Best Foot forward!

Best Foot forward!


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