Happy Hour no°289 – 18th August 2015 – Summer Chill & Cult scenes

A bizarre mix of music garnered from freebie sample CDs left lying round the office (Glass animals, Jeff Beaulieu, The Garlics, Broussai, Caroline Chivé & Princess Jorge) and stuff from the library, as well as some cult dialogue/monologue scenes from funny movies/series : “Be Cool” (scene where Cedric the entertainer makes a speech to Ukrainian baddie), “Annie Hall” (Woody Allen’s opening speech as daggy lead male), Seinfeld (the cleavage scenes), Sex & the City (the up the butt taxi conversation, season 1, ep 4 = classic)…all I can say is enjoy!!

P.S Tues 11th Aug – was a re-run of 10th March, 2015, the “Catherine’s field day” episode.

I'm a cool dude, n'est ce pas?

I’m a cool dude, n’est ce pas?


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