Happy Hour no°281 – 12th May 2015 – Michelle Pozon, Paris for the Philippines

Michelle Pozon

Michelle Pozon

Michelle Pozon is the dynamic, enthusiastic president of “Paris for the Philippines” – an international non-profit group set up to help families rebuild their lives after the devastation of typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.

In the first half of this interview, we talk about how her organisation is hosting (17 May 2015) Tony Meloto, the leader of a Philippines based foundation called Gawad Kalinga, famous for eradicating poverty through innovative community initiatives, as well as the author & journalist Thomas Graham who wrote “Genius of the Poor – a journey with Gawad Kalinga”
In the second half, Michelle will tell us how she set up her own creative consulting & stylism business known as The Closet Guru. After working in the fashion industry in New York, and then Paris, she found her true calling : empowering women to clear out the superfluous and uncover their true style and grace.
She talks about her unique Paris experience & setting up her business in a chapter of a collective book initiated by the Paris Women of Success Meet-up group. It’s called “My Paris Story”. Find out more about Michelle on social media such as Facebook & the internet http://www.theclosetguruparis.com/

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