Happy Hour no°264 – TUESDAYS ROCK!!!! Show now every Tuesday live 7-8pm (Monday’s are now in Portuguese!)

That’s right friends, Happy Hour is moving to a new time/day slot in 2015 – it’s called Tuesday 7-8pm Paris time…

That’s because Radio Enghien-IDFM98 has decided to re-vamp it’s programming. The 7-8pm timeslot Mon-Fri will now be dedicated to laguages other than French…it’s loosely called “Sans frontières”…so what this space.

HH will do its best to maintain the same vibe, great guests, eclectic music and hey, we might update those jingles, whaddya say??!!

Thanks for your support and all the best to you & yours as the new year unfolds.

Don’t forget, I put up shows regularly online, so check out https://soundcloud.com/happy-hour-with-ollia for the latest interviews in English and French, depending on the guests.

Cheers! Chin chin!


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