Happy Hour no°255 – 3rd Nov 2014 – It Takes Two / Deux c’est Mieux

This was really fun collecting pieces for this mix…I first went to Billboard’s top 40 lovesongs just to get my bearings and then I remembered back to duets I’ve liked in the past. There are of course so many to choose from.
I also used a couple of “featuring” tunes, not exactly duos but certainly a collaboration of sorts.
Here are a few : Michael Jackson & Siedah Garrett – 1987 – “I just can’t stop lovin’ you”…
Serge & BB ” bonnie & clyde”, Sonny & Cher “I got you babe”, Ernie & Bert “Dance myself to Sleep”, Georges Guetary & Gene Kelly “It’s Wonderful” (An American in Paris by George Gershwin)
Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett – “The lady is a Tramp”, John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John “you’re the one that I want, Ginger Rogere & Fred Astaire “Let’s call the whole thing off” ETC!

Deux c'est Mieux! It takes two baby!

Deux c’est Mieux!
It takes two baby!


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