Happy Hour no°204 – Back to School 2nd September 2013

For the special “back to school” edition (of La Rentrée as they call it in France), Happy Hour embarks on an ALPHABET journey.

A is for Australia, or course, and ACDC – we kick off  with their rock & roll train – a tribute to all those commuters out there (ouch!)
B is for Bananarama and Belgium’s vending machines selling hot chips (fries)
C is for…

T is for Thicke and Twerking…

and the list goes on, with music (letters correspondent to artists or song titles) or titbits and funny inventions/stories

But Ollia forgot one letter near the end of the show…if you can tell us which one, then she’ll send you a prize!

Answer maybe on twitter next week…he he


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