Happy Hour no°193 – Monday 29th April 2013 – Double shots! and bizarre health tips…

Salut les copains!
Tonight’s HH musical theme is “double shots” – that is two songs by each artist…
starting with the glossy sounds of Gwen Stefani, then moving on the the jazzier pastures of Christian Scott and Malia…
Then a wild backflip towards frenchie comic singer Max Boublil, and the bizarre and quaint Matthew Herbert Bigband.
Then of course there’s the smooth house-soul-pop of Faith Evans, and at last, the cruisy romantic guitar chords of Rover – especially picked bt loyal HH listener Catherine d’Enghien!

On top of that – Ollia proffers up three bizarre health tips from North America – university scholars no less who tell us nose-picking has its advantages, cinnamon is not good to sniff and playing video-game Tetris can train your lazy eye!

Cheers big ears!

NOTE : The HAPPY HOUR POSTEROUS BLOG HAS NOW CLOSED DOWN – I’ll find an alternative and get back to you shortly!


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