Happy Hour no°179 – New Year Resolutions show – 7th Jan 2013

2013 – 13 songs – 13 resolutions

1. Do some soul searchin’ – Soul Revival – Johnny Diesel (my highschool hunk idol – move over soul – take a look at that bod!)

2. Get rid of those people who do you wrong – Fake People – TLC

3. Be frank (or mary…) – Put your money where you mouth is – Jet (speaks for itself)

4. Get some exercise you chumps! Pump – B52s

5. What would Jay-Z do? – Good question – ask Ben Lee (turns out JZ & Beyoncé paid 1 million dollars to have their own private baby nursery for their cherished Blue Ivy – not a disease but simply name of their baby – at their local basketball stadium – NYcity??)

6. Go travel – see the world – start with New York avec Toi – Telephone (french 80s rock group)

7. Find out how best to use the kryptonite in your pocket (wink wink, nudge nudge) – Jimmy Olsen’s blues – Spindoctors

8. Use your head! Think –  James Brown

9. Take a big drink of lurve – Something in the water – Brooke Fraser

10. Love your fellow man (and woman, child, dog etc) – Amour base de tout – Helmie Bellini

11. Respect yourself (self explanitory, although hard to understand lyrics sometimeas as sung in an African dialect) – A yi Makigin – Zita Swoon Group

12. Start by looking at what YOU can do to be a better person – Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson – the resolution song par excellence!

and last but not least –

13. I’m Sorry – The Platters – 60s crooners to remind us that you can perhaps forgive and forget as the new year begins…

To quote those sexy Shakespeare’s sisters (gotta be smart if related to the Bard no?) “To err is human – to forgive is divine” (song – My 16th apology)

And that fitted snugly into the show – leaving only a minute and a half of KD lang to sing “I want it all” which was a perfect way of saying:

I WANT MY CAKE and I want to EAT it TOO!!


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