Happy Hour no°177 – 24th Dec – Chrissy show

Not amazingly overwhelmingly christmassy but I did chuck in a few morsels of carolling under my spiels in between songs…

Radio Gaga live by Queen kicked off the celebratory noel proceedings, Kylie Minogue popped in to say how lucky she felt, there was a bit of a cashed up segment dealing with problems (Prince Eyango) and diamonds (paul simon’s girlfriend’s shoes) and how money won’t bring you pride (according to FRench blues singer Antoine Holler)…before closing the show with the aptly named “disappear” by who else but Inxs – in excess (as in chrissy pig out so there!)

P.S Uncle Dave was going to be my aussie christmas guest tonight but he bailed due to a terribly tickly cough (not good for radio hey)…oh well…next year!

Joyeux Noel, Merry Christmas

and to all a GOOD NIGHT yeeeeeharrrrr!


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