Happy Hour no°172 – Monday 19th November 2012 – Colette Rossant, Franco-American writer

Colette Rossant is the author of no less that 12 cook books, 3 memoirs and countless articles for all sorts of publications such as the New York Times, Food Arts and the list goes on. Mother to four children and wife of renowned architect Jame Rossant – she was born in Paris, grew up in Egypt, lived in Africa and spent 50 years in New York before deciding to come back to France and settle in the Normandy area called Le Perche a couple of years ago. See her article on it :


Since 2009 — Colette is the president of an association that has revitalised the local food trade – especially apples. Windfall-LePerche created a partnership with the Glynwood group in the United States and sent a group of French artisans to New York state in 2011 to share their savoir-faire (know-how) with the locals – especially for cider production. http://windfallperche.com/
You sometimes wonder how she could’ve fitted all these activities into one life! Tonight’s interview is a collage of some of the elements we spoke about over lunch and at Colette’s apartment in september 2012 – it’s really only the tip of the iceberg – so up to you to fill in the rest…:)



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