Happy Hour no°161 – Monday 3rd September 2012 – Back to School

Well hello there listeners from near and far…Happy Hour featured a little voice of someone starting school this week! Perhaps her first “real” time behind a microphone – an apt way of marking the back to school occasion with a music mix special designed for summer reminiscing and new beginnings at the change of the season. Although Miss Charlotte did not go into detail about her feelings ahead of her grand début into French society (that being school – petite section de maternelle) – she made a few significant squeaks and cries and answered at least one or two questions. Off mic she had a ball testing each chair and each microphone and singing into each, with headphones on!

Anyway – Happy Hour isback in the saddle – a exciting season in the works – some great new interviewees lined up – stay tuned!! Don’t forget the twitter feed – @rougeparasol

and new audio of recent shows up on http://happyhourwithollia.posterous.com

Note : HH on 27th Aug 2012 was a re-run of Monday 12th March 2012 – music mix


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