Happy Hour no°153 & 154 – June 18 & 25 2012

Ollia avec Enzo, Vanessa Perez-Mike, Raphael Didjaman, Myriam Allal, Sylvain Gourlay et Joseph Alexander @Idfm98



The Happy Hour show will be dedicated to a few of the artists performing in the Paris Didgeridoo & Percussion festival on June 30 2012 at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, 2-10pm. These 2 shows will mostly be in French with one exception in English (on June18) – as we have guests from the Edward Morgan Ballet, New York…

Raphael Didjaman, co-founder of the event will be in the studio with other performers who will be doing duets with him & his didgeridoo on stage at the festival… including poetry reading with Myriam Allal, piano with Sylvain Gourlay,  dance with Edward Morgan & Joseph Alexander.

Then there will also be a chance to hear CDs, from the other groups & meet more of the artists from this tribal music bonanza on the 25th!

PS OZ Ollia will be your MC for the evening…ha ha!! you won’t recognize me I’m coming disguised!

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