Happy Hour no°147 – Claire’s handmade designs Ellie&Ooma

Tonight we travel to the land of homemade & handmade things. My guest is Claire Picard, a lovely English woman, mother or two, living in the Val d’Oise. She’s the very talented designer behind “Ellie& Ooma”, her very own on line crafts store (see link below). She’s also co-founded a club of like-minded people called “association au comptoir des créateurs”, in her local town of Andilly. First half of itw in French, 2nd half in English.

AUDIO IS UP ONLINE NOW // AUDIO enligne maintenant – version française aussi!  in both English & French segments (16min). Go to http://happyhourwithollia.posterous.com Just click play!

Vincent Posé is back with his 4th feature piece, this week’s subject being a homage to the late great Aam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys (RIP 4/05/2012) in FR. mais oui.

http://ellieooma.blogspot.com/  // www.ellie-ooma.com/


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