Happy Hour no°144 Marathon Mania : 16th April 2012

Welcome to MARATHON MANIA!!!!
It’s that time of year again folks…
I’m talking about running : be it in a presidential election campaign, as you know is hot news right now in france, or be it in the case of an athletic marathon, such as yesterday’s race in Paris, today’s in Boston with its first winners arriving as we go to air, and not forgetting next week’s challenge in London…The show will be in two parts tonight, first in French with a new short feature “Shaken not Stirred” presented by independent radio host & producer, Vincent Posé at 6.15pm (creator of www.flashimpro.com), followed by by a chat on the phone in English with our US correspondent Scott Melville, around 6.45pm, reporting back live & sweaty from the Boston Marathon finishing line…
And don’t forget to keep stretching & exercising all throughout the show with the HH dynamo music selection featuring :
****Beastie Boys, Junior Senior, B52s, Bruce Springsteen, Sinclair and Yuksek…and MORE!
And the the top three in Mens & womens winners are ALL from KENYA!
See all results at www.baa.org

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