Home made cassette covers

Happy Hour no° 135/136 new season starts!

Happy Year of the Dragon to you all – and a special thought goes out to all those 76ers like me – this is OUR year huh!

Happy Hour is back on air, live and kickin’ after a summer down under.
That means more music from the basement archives…
Monday 13th Feb : Nostalgia from the 90s – the very best kind 😉 – with Des’ree, Zhané, M People, Blur, Yothu Yindi, Oasis, The Cure, Frente, Corduroy and more!
Monday 20th Feb : More treasures from the musical trove…surprise du chef!

Happy Hour is now on Twitter – follow the action & frivolous thoughts @rougeparasol

Here is a souvenir photo of clean-up day : getting rid of old K7s – you know the ones of music compilations off the radio during the 90s…Ollia made special K7 covers with titles such as “Orgasmic Apples”, “Strictly Homie”, “Sexy-wa”, “Dancy dancy woman”, “The age of Gayness” and so on. Long live homemade!

Home made cassette covers


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