Happy Hour no°123 Ndidi’O

Happy Hour will take you on a musical journey with NDidi’O, Canadian singer, of Nigerian & German roots. Settled recently here in Paris, she’s in the middle of touring around France to promote her album “The Escape” released this spring (next concert in Paris at La Maroquinerie on the 8th October).
With her dark hair, hypnotic big eyes and her slightly husky voice, she brings a lilting, intriguing twist to her songs that swing from jazz to blues to folk, always in keeping with her desire to tell stories. And as a guest on the Happy Hour show, that’s exactly what she’s going to do – share some anecdotes about her passion for making music and her life on the road, and her feelings about living in Paris, or New York or Vancouver…interview in English, translation available upon request.

Listen to the show by clicking the link here – you see a play button under the Ndidi show title : http://happyhourwithollia.posterous.com/
Ecoutez l’émission du 3 octobre en clicquant ici su ce lien ci-dessus.


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