Happy Hour summer season re-runs!

Hi everybody!
School’s out for the summer and it’s your chance to catch up on episodes you might have missed over the next couple of weeks, namely:

1/08/2011                        re run of 11/10/2010                                           Scott’s 2010 Prix Ignobel report (Eng/Fre)
8/08/2011                           re run of 1/11/2010                                          The Australia show (Eng/Fre)
15/08/2011                      re run of 8/11/2010                                             Chat with correspondent Scott (Eng)
22/08/2011                      re run of 22/11/2010                                           Musicians john banzai & raphael didjaman (Fre)
29/08/2011                      re run of 29/11/2010                                           L’homme paré – Terence Carbin (Fre)

Stay tuned for more colourful adventures with Ollia at the HH helm…
Cheers big ears 😉

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