Happy Hour no°118 – the many facets of India

Join Ollia for a “Happy Hour” voyage to India in the company of Margot Borden, American psychotherapist, whose interest in India began at the tender age of 12. On the theme “the many facets of India” Margot Borden will share her thoughts on how this vibrant, enigmatic country has made its mark on both her professional and spiritual life over the last 20 years and what kinds of challenges she sees for this nation in the future.

Author of the book Spirituality and Business, Exploring Possibilities for a new management paradigm”, Margot Borden is the founder of Integral Perspectives, a specialty consulting firm that has an extensive international presence while being based in Paris, France. Her philosophy draws on and adapts ancient wisdom to the complexities, challenges and opportunities of the modern, global context. http://www.theintegralperspective.com

Interview en anglais
Photo below : Margot dressed in traditional sari for a friend’s engagement celebration.

Margot in a sari, India 2010



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