Happy Hour and the Koala Hospital episode 107 2nd May 2011

Ollia and Céline Moussour, French vet in the Paris suburbs co-host this week’s show which features interviews about the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia (about a four hour drive north of Sydney). Supervisor Cheyne Flanagan, and French volunteer Sonia both speak about their tasks and challenges working to get sick koalas back in their wild habitats again. Céline, who did her thesis on this unique marsupial back in the eighties puts her knowledge to good use to ask more specific questions about how to care for and feed koalas.
Interviews in English & French
www.koalahospital.org.au – You can sponsor a koala over the net and help the hospital in its work, or you can put yourself on the list to be a volunteer over in Australia and be in contact with these furry friends for a whole month – but get in early – the waiting time is up to 12 months for overseas volunteers!

Questions : happyhourwithollia@gmail.com

And you can grab the audio on the other website:


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